7 Reasons to consider social media for your business

7 Reasons to consider social media for your business

Whether you are running a salon based spray tanning business or a providing a mobile tanning service, you need to know the power of social media.

It is a vital tool that can push your business to the greatest heights. According to statistics, approximately 40% of internet users follow the brands they like through different social media platforms. A good percentage of internet users also use social media to search for goods and services in their local area. So, social media could really be worth your time.

Here are some key benefits that a spray tanning business no matter what size can get from using social media.

1. Increasing brand awareness

As a tan spray professional, you need to make people aware of your business. Probably there are people who would like to use your
services, but they don’t know of your existence. Social media can help with just a single click. In fact, it is the cheapest method of promotion and advertising. Which is great news for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot.

2. Providing excellent customer service

Nowadays, you don’t have to set up a physical customer care desk to address the needs of your customers. Various social media
platforms can do the job for you in a fast and efficient way. Customers can now use social media to contact you about your services, ask for quotes, and even thank you for the excellent services that you delivered.

3. Learning the behaviour of your target customer

Social media can help you save time and money that you need to know and learn about the reaction of your target audience. All you
need is to study their posts, and you will be able to categorise them into different segments depending on their behaviour. You can then use this data to improve your spray tanning service. For example if more people love your videos than your pictures start making daily videos and post them on social media channels.

4. Analysing your competition

You may not be the only person offering spray tanning services in your area, which isn’t a bad thing. There could be other individuals that are doing the same. By using social media, you can get some vital insights on what your competitors are doing. Do they have more followers than you? What extra services are they giving? You will then improve the areas that they beat you, then optimize on your strong areas.

5. Instant feedback

Social media can also help you to get immediate feedback on how customers perceive your services. Is it the best, average or
worst? It’s a great way to gauge what people think and tweak your business accordingly. Various social media features such as product rating gives consumers the opportunity to review different products and rate them between 1 to 5 stars.

6. Lead generation tool

Some social media marketing techniques can be used to generate leads for your business. For instance, if you share quality content
such as a blog or photo, readers may yearn to get more information about you, and in doing so, they will visit your website or your spray tanning business.

7. Reputation protection

You can display your achievements in the spray tanning industry through social media. Promote qualifications you have, awards you have won and even tans you have done. This provides people with the notion you know what you are doing and people love the service you provide.

A business that ignores social media is likely to fail. We are a social group of people and we love to see what people are you to. If you don’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, ensure that you register one. These reasons above should be enough to at least make you consider social media. We use it for the Spray Tanning Guild and people love engaging with us.

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