STG Code of Conduct

In order to promote integrity in the spray tanning industry, STG (Spray Tanning Guild) expects all members to abide by and respect the standards of conduct contained within this Code of Ethical Practices. While each member’s personal values and morals are held in highest regard, this document acts as a minimum standard of the federations expectations from all industry professionals in order to be considered for membership and certification by STG.

  1. Promote positive awareness of the spray tanning industry on an ongoing basis and always display the highest level of integrity.

  2. Advise clients to the best of their ability regarding their spray tan as well as the preparation to ensure a safe tan is delivered. 

  3. Treat each client with respect and privacy in a professional manner at all times. 

  4. Under no circumstances provide false or misleading information to clients or on any marketing materials. 

  5. Use only original photos, marketing materials, social media posts, unless you have permission by the original creator. 

  6. Ensure all clients have safe and sanitary conditions.

  7. Support the STG and its policies to ensure spray tanning standards are upheld and you are a positive representative for the sunless tanning industry. 

STG have the right to change and update these code of ethics at any time. 

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