How to get your clients coming back

How to get your clients coming back

Getting your tanning clients to stay with you is easier than you think.

If you are passionate about your business then you LOVE getting new clients. It’s a great feeling isn’t it? Like a bed with fresh sheets, or that first bite of a chocolate bar. Getting a client coming to you from a recommendation or an existing client is just a great feeling!!

Yet many companies forget about getting the people who already like them, and don’t spend enough time enticing them to come back.  

By communicating with clients who have already visited with you and liked their experience, you can save yourself loads of money and loads of time.

Imagine that, MONEY AND TIME. Then you can spend your afternoons with a cocktail instead of your laptop.

Depending on what industry you are in it can cost between 4 and 10 times MORE to get a new client than keep an existing one.

Cost of Clients New vs Existing

That’s a lot less work, a lot less expense and a lot less time by keeping your clients happy.

So how do you keep them happy?

Go above and beyond

If you want clients to stay with you you need to make them feel incredible. Think about what you can do to make their experience with you exceptional. What would set you apart from your competitors? Offer them a goody bag? Give them a voucher to come back next time. Start your loyalty scheme. Give them some chocolates. Something which makes that experience a more special for them.

Offer a loyalty scheme

If you want people to come back then you need to give them something to work towards. A free tan is always a great incentive. Explain how your loyalty scheme works and how many tans they need to get their free one. For example: pay for 5 tans and get your 6th tan free. Give them the first tick on their first visit with you and they have already started their journey towards getting that free tan.

Become more social

Clients will love the work you do and how you make them feel and they will want to share that with the world on social media. Accounts like Facebook and Instagram will be populated with your work so ask if you can share their posts on your page. They will like the extra attention they get and you market your business in the process.

Follow up with them after their tan and ask how it’s going. Ask about things other than their tan and show an interest in them and the occasion the tan was for. People will be able to see you are not just in this for tanning but have a genuine interest in people as well.

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If a client has a birthday coming up then why not offer them a discount on their birthday tan? Chances are they are going out for the night anyway or doing something special so it will be worth making more of an event of it. Offer 50% and then you still make money on the tan and cover the costs of the solution.

Regular appointments

Once you have messaged your client a few days later to see how the tan went then let them know that you only have a limited amount of availability for the same day in two weeks (most people will tan every other week). This will get them thinking they won’t want to miss out and might take you up on the chance to book again. Especially if you are getting busy.

What else can you do?

If you get your clients to fill in consultation cards then you already have information about them you can use for your marketing and re marketing to them. Capture email addresses and phone numbers and message them and direct them to your Facebook page and they can follow you.

You’re onto a winner

All of these methods work. I know because I have used them on new spray tanning businesses which have just started up. You don’t need a massive database of clients to get this ball rolling and it won’t cost hardly anything to keep these clients interested and coming back to you, just a little time.

If you have any other ideas which have worked for you or have any questions for the Spray Tanning Guild then please feel free to drop us an email.


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