What to include in emails to clients

What to include in emails to clients

As we established in our last post which marketing platform is best for your money blog post we established email marketing was the best return on investment. But what should you be offering your clients in your emails to ensure they stay engaged, interested and a customer? Promotions, content, or advice? Don’t worry we cover it all below.

Based on our experience and email open rates we have compiled a list of the content you need to include in your outreach to your clients.


Most people love to learn. Whether they decide to pick up a book, watch tv or talk to friends learning can be from any source and you should consider emails as an opportunity to do just that. Providing your customers with information about spray tanning shows you know what you are talking about and helps to establish yourself further as a professional who knows their stuff. It allows you to talk about topics you have experience in demonstrates to people what you know.

By all means promote your service and tans but ideally, you only want 20% of the email to be about selling and 80% of information which isn’t driven at selling. This keeps people engaged and they’ll keep opening your emails.


Not all advice is welcome, but remember these people have signed up to your email list so they want to hear from you. It’s not like you are shouting relationship advice to them about their other half and they haven’t even asked you.

So offer advice about preparation, aftercare and any other tan related items you can think of. Yes, you may have said this 1,000 times already but not everyone listens and many wouldn’t have heard it before. You can’t be too clear or offer too much good advice.


This is a great way to get people coming back to you if you haven’t heard from them in a while. 50% off a birthday tan might get them back in your doors and it’s something you can completely automate using a good email provider.

With this in mind, don’t be too hasty to offer a discount on all emails going out. You don’t want to look desperate to people and you don’t want to be seen as a discount service or it makes it very hard to put prices up and keep people coming to you. If people know you run regular promotions then they will wait for the discount.

Include your reviews

Show off the great work you have been doing. Screenshot good reviews left by clients and share them with your followers. People who haven’t booked with you will be looking, so make the decision easy for them and provide them with the reviews and information to make them want to come and see you.

Call to actions 

Don’t be afraid to ask people to do something. ‘Book now’, ‘read more’ or ‘Follow me on Facebook now’ are a great way to drive people to the places you want them to go and perform the actions you want them to take. People like to be told what to do so don’t be shy. Obviously don’t go mad on it and just ask, ask, ask all of the time. Integrate it with great and informative content and people will want to see what else you have to offer anyway.

Did you like that? If you’ve made it this far down the page then let’s assume you did.

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