Is competition a good thing?

Is competition a good thing?

Spray tanning as a service has boomed in the last few years. Many therapists are seeing their clients set up, other beauty professionals add tanning to their list of services and plenty of stay-at-home-mums try and get tanning to work around the kids and get some extra income coming in. But with so many people joining the industry we keep getting asked “is there too much competition?”. 

Let’s start with this:

Don’t worry too much about what your competitors are doing, just focus on the client that’s in front of you.

At the time of spray tanning a client, that’s all that matters.

Just that client. That tan.

Don’t check your phone, even if you have a client calling you. Don’t check your make up in the mirror or even look at your watch. A client will pick up on these things and they will assume you think you have more important things to be doing. At which point they are no longer your focus.

Spray tanning competition

Competition shows there is a market so that’s a good sign that people are looking for the spray tanning service. If you live in a small village and you are the first to set up you really have to test the waters. But if there are spray tanning individuals out there already you know there’s probably a market otherwise they would have packed it in months ago.

Go and visit your competitors and see what they are up to, it will be money well spent. What do they do? How did they handle the appointment? How did they make you feel? What did you like or dislike? What can you do to improve on what they offer? Prepare to take notice of the details and then use that to your advantage when servicing your own clients.

Competition everywhere?

Is there too much competition? An oversaturated market and you could be driven into a price war and end up sacrificing a luxury feel for the client in order to get them in the doors in the first place. Again, think about how you can set yourself apart and make your tanning experience like nothing else. This will keep you in front of the competition.

Just one more thought on this topic: Is there really such a thing as competition? Many people believe competition doesn’t exisit as you are you and that’s original. So you need to keep it original. Make the experience second to none. Have people talk about how you made them feel (in a good way), what they experienced when they tanned with you and how good the tan was. Your reputation is key to getting new clients so embrace what you offer and let other people advertise your business for you by telling others how good you are.

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