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Claire Sherlock Spray Tanning Professional

Spray Tanning Guild Member Claire Sherlock

Name: Claire Sherlock Lashes With Love And Bespoke Tanning

Qualified: 09/16 now a level 2 SiennaX therapist

Full time or part time tanning: Part time


Contact number: 07711364816

How did you come up with your business name: My lovely daughters and myself decided on the name

Solutions I Love and Use: Clients and myself Sienna X

Why did you choose to become a Spray tanning artist? I chose to be a spray tanner as I enjoy being tanned myself and really love the results and extra confidence it gives to my clients.

If I wasn’t a Spray Tanning artist what would I be? I would still be within the beauty / hairdresser side of business.

My most embarrassing moment as a spray tanning business owner? No embarrassing moments so far.

What’s the one thing you could not live without for my business: One thing I could not live without the help and guidance from others more knowledgeable than myself.

What’s the one thing that you are not very good at owning your own business? Not very good at saying no.

The one thing I wish I knew when I started my business: Patience it doesn’t happen over night.

Where I plan to be in five years5 years time I’d like to be able to help others with their business.

Business owners who inspire me: Inspired by any lady that is a successful business woman.

Quote I love: I love meeting new people.

When you’re not working, what do you love doing: When I’m not working I enjoy running or hiking with my dogs, spending time with my family and the odd glass of wine.

My favourite thing about owning my own business:  Favourite thing I can pick my own hours.

The thing I dislike most about owning my own business: Most dislike not being able to say no , I will go out of my way to meet clients needs.

If I could share some wisdom with someone just getting started in this industry what would it be: Wisdom for some one getting started be patient, always keep looking at what’s new and gather help and information from fellow therapist. There’s always more to learn.

Any parting words?
Enjoy and love what you do.

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