How to set yourself apart from other spray tanning professionals

How to set yourself apart from other spray tanning professionals

Once you set up in this game it becomes all too easy to follow in the footsteps of someone you admire and imitate their business. “Why not?” I hear you cry. “If it’s working for them, they are getting clients and being successful then what’s wrong with that?”

Nothing. You can follow in the footsteps of anyone your heart desires.

But consider this: someone else also sets up a spray tanning business inspired by the one you are inspired by. Then another, and another and before you know it there’s six of you all trying to be like that one successful spray tanner in your area.

The path which was less travelled is now congested and everyone looks the same. This makes it hard for your customers to identify with you and can lead a price driven war for new clients. Before you know it you’ll be offering £5 tans just to get the customer and you are actually losing money.

So it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Keep things fresh and keep yourself different from everyone else.

What can you do to stand out_

What can you do to stand out? 

What makes you different from those around you? Make a list of things which you do or could do to make yourself different from other spray tanning professionals nearby.

Is it the fact you will work a Sunday or late evenings? Perhaps you offer mobile tanning to people and your competitors don’t. Do you offer goody bags to clients who get a spray tan with you? Do you run special offers on Fridays? Are you more qualified?

Whatever it is you need to shout about it. Put it on Facebook, show it off on Instagram and share it on your website. Don’t be afraid to tell people what it is you do and what makes you different from those around you.

If you are struggling to find anything, then have a look at what people are doing locally and see what you can do which is better than what they offer. If that doesn’t bring you any inspiration then why not try looking online to other successful businesses and use that as a platform to get started. Don’t just copy, improve.

Constantly consider ‘what can I do to improve my customer experience‘. Continue to ask this question and implement your findings and you will see your business not only grown but flourish.

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