Should you share your spray tan knowledge?

Should you share your knowledge?

No one else knows what you know. The skills and experience you’ve built up for your spray tanning business are unique to you. Yes, there might be thousands of other people out there with spray tanning knowledge but…

only you know what you know

only you know what you know

So you should seize this opportunity and share your experience.

You might be reading this and thinking ‘I’m not sharing all of my secrets’, but you really should. There is always the fear someone else might take those ideas and that knowledge and run with it but so what? If they are your ideas, you’ll have a thousand more.

How many ideas have you had only to see them happening later on? A business idea? I product or even a service? Sitting on the ideas won’t get them out there.

Sharing your experience and knowledge offers the following benefits:

  • It shows you know your industry and product
  • You will establish yourself as a professional
  • If you’re open with people you attract more clients
  • You can be seen by your peers as an expert
  • You set yourself apart from everyone else

Many of your competition won’t venture out to answer questions or even maintain a professional stance in the limelight. Just make sure you act professionally and don’t hold back on information.

You know more than you think and you’re better than you give yourself credit for.

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