Why You Shouldn’t Poach Other Spray Tan Clients

Why You Shouldn’t Poach Other Spray Tan Clients

Starting a business is haaaard work. Harder than changing a light bulb without a step ladder in the dark. Combine the cost of setting up, running a business, finding time to market yourself as well as finding new spray tan clients, you might think there won’t be enough hours in the day. 

Yet you can do it, and having a successful business is very obtainable but there is a right way to do it.

One way not to do it is to message other businesses clients trying to offer them an incentive to come with you.

I have seen businesses contact other spray tanning businesses clients and offer them a discounted or even FREE spray tan in order to try and get new clients. This may seem like a great way to get new clients and a quick way to do it but these are the downsides:

  1. You look desperate – If people get a message from someone offering them a discount on a spray tan just because they have had one else where, the people you message realise you can’t build your own clients and could assume that’s down to your poor quality of work.
  2. You’ll annoy the people you contact – you don’t have their permission to contact other businesses spray tan clients so you shouldn’t. People are very protective who they let into their inbox or message them so you shouldn’t abuse it. It doesn’t display a very professional position from your end.
  3. You’ll annoy people in the industry – The spray tanning industry is a close knit community of professionals and by stepping on each other toes it shows you up as an amateurwho will try under handed tactics to get clients rather than let your work speak for itself.
  4. You’ll be found out – The people you contact will tell their spray tanning therapist you are doing it. Many of the clients you reach out to will be loyal. Once people get wind of this you have started to damage your business by being seen as being underhanded.
  5. It’s unprofessional – you’d be disgruntled if someone did it to your spray tan clients after you spent years building your business and client database.

You might get one or two clients doing this.

By all means approach other businesses and try and gain the attention of their clients with their consent. If you want more advice on how to do it then check out this article on the 4 best ways to get new spray tanning clients.

You really don’t have to take clients from other businesses. Focus on the quality of your work and getting enough 5 star reviews for your spray tanning and the new clients will come. Build yourself up, rather than tear someone else down.

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