How to use Instagram efficiently for your spray tanning business

Having an Instagram account is not just a way to see what people you follow are up to. It’s also a great marketing tool, which if used correctly, can generate leads for your business as well as life long clients. At the time of publishing this blog post Instagram has over 800 million active users, each spending on average 15 minutes a day it’s easy to see why so many people are using Instagram for their spray tanning business.

Setting up

If you don’t already have an account you can go here: and sign up. Add all the details in you need to set up the account, business name, mobile number or email address and a password.

Instagram screen shot for the spray tanning guild

Once you are logged in there will be some things you need to do in order to get the most from your account.

edit profile content for your spray tanning profile

Click on the edit profile link and start adding your details.

Add a logo or a picture of you or even a picture of some spray tanning kit. Let people know what you do at a glance

Next it’s the ‘about you’ section. This is where you need to shout about your skills. Tell people what qualifications you have, how much experience you have and where you are based and the areas you cover.

You also need to include a way of clients contacting you. Email, website, Facebook page or even a phone number making it easier for clients to contact you to book a tan.

Get Followers

Once that’s all done you can start following people. Look for people who are part of the same industry even if they aren’t local they might inspire some ideas for your business. If you don’t know where to start look for us on there and see who follows us.

Follow your current client base as well as friends and friends of friends. This will highlight to these people you are in operation and ready to tan people.

Also consider following the brands you use. This will get you on their radar and are more than likely to follow you back.

Also have a look around and find local businesses. Networking is key to building a business so make sure you are seen by the people who are successful in your town or city.

What to post

People love images and that’s why they flock to Instagram in the first place. But what should you post on Instagram?

  1. Pictures of clients tan-lines – This gives followers the chance to see what your work is like before they come and tan with you. This will break down anyone’s assumptions.
  2. Pictures of happy clients – Many of your clients will share their pictures of their tan when they are on a night out. This not only shows off your work but also shows your clients you are proud of them. Share their images on as many social media channels as you can they will love that you have shared their pictures.
  3. Gifts from clients – Anything clients give you shout about it on social media. It not only shows you are grateful but also shows people your clients really connect with you.
  4. Gifts YOU give clients – If you offer goody bags to new clients share it on social media. It shows you have new clients and gives people an idea of what they can expect.
  5. Pictures of your kit – Show people the tools you use, the solution you spray with as well as any business cards and other marketing material you have. If you go to an event like a wedding fayre take as many pictures as you can of your set up and stand. These will come in handy for social media, blog posts, marketing material as well as any emails you might want to send out in the future.
  6. Discounts and special offers – Use Instagram to tell people about your discounts and any offers you have on. Be Careful not to overload people with discounts otherwise you’ll undermine the value of your spray tans. Too many promotions and people will wait for a discount before booking with you.
  7. Promote your availability – Tell people if you have appointments available on certain days. You don’t have to list them all but by listing a few it provides a sense of limited availability and creates a sense of urgency. If people don’t book they could miss out.
  8. Things you do on behalf of your business – if you are writing xmas cards for your clients then share the image of you cards already to go. If you have Halloween treats ready for your clients then get that on social media. The more things you do on behalf of your business the more you should share on your social media channels. It shows you are working.
  9. Reviews from clients – This can be 5 star reviews left by clients on facebook or even screenshot a message from a happy client and share it. Make sure you hide their name or ask their permission first.

What you need to remember when you post on Instagram is add keywords which are relevant to that post using hashtags. Also reference any clients who are in the image using the @ symbol and their username. They will love the fact you have promoted them on your Instagram page. This applies to companies you want to highlight as well.

When to post

This is not a straightforward answer. This seems to change year on year based on people’s habits. It could be a Sunday morning when people are laying in bed or a Thursday afternoon when they are counting down the hours until the weekend and wasting time.

You’ll have to test the water and see what gets the most amount of interest, leads and engagement. By monitoring what works it will be easier to replicate that success.

The key thing is to be regular and consistent. By being a regular poster you get seen by people who could become regular clients.


Use Instagram on a regular basis to promote your business. Post the following:

  • Pictures of clients tan-lines
  • Pictures of happy clients
  • Gifts from clients
  • Gifts YOU give clients
  • Pictures of your kit
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Promote your availability
  • Things you do on behalf of your business
  • Reviews from clients

There we have it. An overview on how to use Instagram to your advantage for your spray tanning business. Oh, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram:

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