What should you be posting on Instagram?

What should you be posting on Instagram? can be your best friend when it comes to getting attention for your spray tans online. This is partly because it’s such a visual platform, there are plenty of females users and people follow things which inspire them.

However, just setting up an Instagram account isn’t going to take the world by storm. You need to post information people want to see while still promoting your business and being professional about it all. Here are 8 things you can start posting TODAY on your Instagram account which will:

  1. help build followers
  2. increase awareness of your business
  3. set you apart from your competition
  4. engage with other businesses
  5. and most importantly help create new clients for you.

Pictures of you

Not many people like the idea of this but it’s essential your clients (or ones you haven’t met yet) to know who you are. These people will want to know who will be looking at them BEFORE they take their clothes off and stand in front of you. It’s one less hurdle for new clients to overcome.

If you do post pictures of yourself, however, try and avoid as many filters as possible. Remember the goal is for clients to see what you look like. Not what you would look like with a lighter blur all over your face.

Post pictures of reviews

Everyone likes to be sure they are making the right decision when booking a spray tan and your job is to make it easy for them to do their research. If they have found you via Instagram then make sure you have a full scope of your work on there as well as reviews from satisfied customers. 5-star reviews speak for themselves and it helps people make a decision about whether they are happy to tan with you or not. Don’t go making people look for those reviews. Bring everything to them and make that decision easier.

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to post a review. Just a simple screenshot of the review from Facebook will do the job. You can even mask out the client’s name and picture if you don’t want to advertise those details.

Before and after pictures

Your followers will want to see the spray tans you provide actually works. They want to see your clients with amazing skin and a before and after photos. This prevents them from doing the guesswork. The pictures don’t need to be in the same place and it doesn’t really matter if the lighting isn’t consistent (many people won’t even think to look). As long as you have a nice white looking client before and a bronzed beauty after people will be able to see your work.

Resist from using filters to enhance the tan. Our brains can pick up when something doesn’t ring true in a photograph so make sure you are honest. Even use the hashtag #NoFilter to show that it’s all natural.

Show people your set up 

Whether people are coming to you in your salon or you are going to turn up at theirs with a pop-up tent, it’s important to allow clients to get a better understanding of what they can expect. Take pictures of the products you use, the layout when you are ready for a client, as well as and the kit you need. This helps prevent peoples imagination running wild and helps them understand the process. It also displays you as a professional because you will come across as professional.

Tell people about your services

Not every client will see everything you’ve written and they all won’t have explored every page on Facebook and visited your website so let’s not assume people know everything you know. You don’t have to treat them like idiots but a clear explanation about your services will help people choose the right service for them.


Like I’ve just said, not everyone will see everything you have posted so don’t be afraid to re-post a few pictures. Don’t keep reposting the same picture of that one client you did when you first started though, or people will notice and think you aren’t busy enough to be doing spray tanning as a profession.

Offer advice

Give people free information and advice about spray tanning. Tell them what to do before a tan, what to do after, the benefits of a tan and ‘did you know?’ information. This isn’t about you giving away all of the secrets of the tanning industry, it’s about you showing to clients you know what you are talking about and you are a professional spray tanning artist.

Tell people to book now

There is nothing wrong with telling people what to do. A good call to action such as ‘book now’ or ‘book today’ helps people who are sat on the fence. You can even tell them you have limited spaces and an offer is available for a limited time only as this will encourage people to act sooner and not delay.

There we go, 8 great tips to get you on the road to success on Instagram. Feel free to share and ‘Like’ this post with your spray tanning friends and sign up to the emails for updates like this right to your inbox.


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